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Legionella services/consultation for hot and cold water systems:

1. A comprehensive Legionella Management package, tailored to your site requirements, to include items such as:

  • Risk assessing.
  • Bespoke logbook and management of records.
  • Implementation and management of an L8 ACoP compliant monitoring programme.
  • Cleaning and disinfection.Bacteria sampling.Chemicals provision and dosing.
  • Regular summary of results and findings to the responsible person, including discussion after each service visit.Annual review meeting of results, recommendations and procedures.

2. Risk Assessing, to include:

  • Site survey.
  • Written report detailing the survey findings.
  • An Executive Summary of the survey findings.
  • Asset register.
  • Schematic diagram.
  • A scaled level of risk of legionellosis and legionella bacteria growth.
  • A useable table of recommendations in order that the risks of legionellosis can subsequently be minimised where found.

3. Training, tailored to your requirements:

  • One on one – provided for any individual; from the site responsible person to ensure they are aware of their legislative and guidance duties, to the person that is responsible for the weekly flushing regime to ensure that they are aware of why this is required and what they are looking for, as well as lines of communication etc.
  • Half day (c. 3-4hrs) – “Introduction to Legionnaires‟ disease” - covering legionella bacteria, legionellosis and the causal chain, legislative and HSE guidance and responsibilities under HSWA, COSHH and L8 ACoP – certificate of attendance provided.
  • Full Day – will include all information from the introduction half day, in slightly more detail in places, and also cover the physical monitoring of water systems. If required, a walk round of the water systems on site. A short test for certification also available.
  • Any length and focus area of training courses can be created to your requirements and involvement in the legionella control programme for your site.

4. Consultancy:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your property and requirements/current level of control – free of charge.
  • Provided at any time with any legionella management contract or immediately following a risk assessment – free of charge.
  • To assist with and resolve any ongoing legionella problems within your water systems – free of charge with any sampling, cleaning and disinfection or many other works required.
  • To assist with an EHO or Local Authority audit/inspection – free of charge with a comprehensive legionella management contract.
  • Following any legionella or bacteria sample that we have taken that may have returned out of specification for that test – free of charge.

5. System Monitoring (further details available on enquiry)– To L8 ACoP:

  • Maintenance of record keeping system.
  • CWST inspections, turnover testing.
  • Calorifier temperature checking, drain flushing.
  • Hot and cold outlet temperature testing.
  • Showerhead cleaning and disinfection.

6. Legionella Sampling:

  • Includes visit to site to take sample.
  • Recording of general outlet, water conditions and temperatures, and any other points of note (copy provided for site records).
  • Transportation of the sample direct to our approved UKAS accredited laboratory for testing.
  • Confidential communication of any out of specification result and our recommended remedial actions to the responsible person (time frames can vary, usually 5-9 days for presumptive and can take 14 days for a confirmed result).
  • Provision of certificate including result and comments on findings for your records.

7. Remedial Works – required as a result of monitoring or risk assessing:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of cold water storage tank(s) and associated down services – in-hours or out-of-hours.
  • Calorifier and water heater internal inspections (annual requirement), cleaning, de-scaling and disinfection (in-hours or out-of-hours).
  • Showerhead cleaning and disinfection.
  • Plumbing works – Deadleg removal, outlet replacement, minor system adjustments etc.

Evaporative cooling systems L8 ACoP management, monitoring and maintenance:

  • Risk assessment and schematic diagrams.
  • Comprehensive L8 ACoP weekly/monthly/quarterly chemical and bacteria testing as required, including provision and management of logbooks and records.
  • Cleaning and disinfection (in-hours or out-of-hours) – Mandatory 6 monthly frequency at least.
  • Provision of treatment chemicals specific to water feed, cooling system design and dosing equipment conditions.
  • Provision of dosing equipment, including installation and commissioning.
  • Provision of testing equipment to help with site monitoring tasks, including DPD1 tablets, pH and TDS meters, hardness testing kits and more.
  • General consultancy and assistance with EHO or Local Authority inspections (free with monitoring/management contract).
  • Water softener management and provision of salt and servicing.

Bacteria sampling – Some examples below:

  • Legionella – from any system/outlet (quarterly mandatory requirement for evaporative cooling and spa systems).
  • Domestic and Potable water – TVC 2 and 3 day tests, e.coli and total coliforms.
  • PWS – Private Water Supply – in line with PWS Regulations 1991
  • Cooling Tower –Monthly TVC 2 day, or dip-slide weekly –MANDATORY.
  • Closed system – basic to include TVC 2 and 3 day tests, and Pseudomonas Species. Can also include Sulphate and Nitrite reducing bacteria tests.
  • Swimming pools and spas – general testing for TVC at 1 day, e.coli, total coliforms and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – required under PAS39:2003. Also Giardia and Cryptosporidium if requested – not routine test requirement.
  • Laboratory analysis can also be used to test for specific chemicals or substances within a particular sample(s).

Closed system (heating and chilled) consultation and treatment:

  • Bacteria and corrosion inhibitor dosing to prolong the condition and working life of the pipework and pumps associated with these systems. Also glycol (antifreeze) for low temperature cold water systems.
  • General water condition consultation including chemical and bacteria testing in accordance with the system(s) to be tested and any previous dosing carried out.
  • Biocide or polymer flushing of closed systems to remove solids, bacteria or other problems preventing efficient system operation.

Swimming pools and spas:

  • Risk assessment and schematic diagrams.
  • Comprehensive monthly testing in accordance with PWTAG, PAS 39:2003, HSE/HPA – Management of spa pools and controlling infection. Chemical and bacteria sampling programmes available.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of balance tanks (in-hours or out-of-hours).
  • Provision of site testing equipment such as photometer.
  • General consultancy.

Included in the above are various administrative tasks as follows:

  1. Reports for risk assessment surveys, including asset registers – multiple formats and free hard copies available to suite your preference.
  2. Provision of certification for bacteriological sampling for records.
  3. Provision of certification for cleaning, disinfection, pasteurisation work for records.
  4. Copies of consultancy paperwork (such as domestic monitoring reports) and provision of monthly/quarterly summaries for records.
  5. Provision of MSDS and COSHH paperwork for any chemicals provided/used.
  6. Review meetings (frequency to be confirmed with client to discuss results / findings / outstanding recommendations / requirements / terms of contract/other information such as new legislation).
  7. Free telephone advice.

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